Security and Safety

NON-EMERGENCY Orange County Sheriffs Office: (407)836-4357                                            EMERGENCY: 9-1-1

Online Incident Reporting

Security and Safety Tips

  • Lock all car doors, even in your driveway
  • Don't keep valuables in vehicles, or in open sight
  • Keep alert of your surroundings for people and animals
  • Never leave a pet or child in a hot car for any length of time
  • Track crime in your area at

What is Connect Orange County?

CONNECT ORANGE COUNTY is a public safety program enabling the residents of Orange County to help keep their community safe. By registering privately-owned cameras from voluntary participants, we can transform the way our deputies can respond to, solve, and deter crime.

By registering your cameras, the Orange County Sheriff's Office will know where your cameras are located in the event of a crime or a critical incident. There is no direct access to any privately-owned cameras, and the registry is only used to request footage if an incident occurs in their vicinity.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is utilizing FUSUS to create stronger public-private collaborations and enable businesses and community members to work more closely with law enforcement. The FUSUS system helps increase community safety while maintaining personal privacy.

How it Works

The Orange County Sheriff's Office camera registry is a way to easily locate the nearest cameras in a designated area during the course of an investigation, emergency event, or emergency response. In the past, investigators had to rely on eyewitnesses and piece together pertinent information over days and sometimes months. The camera registry gives private residents and business owners the ability to register their cameras to an online portal, accessible only by law enforcement.

Residents and business owners have two options for participating in Connect Orange County:

LEVEL 1: Register Your Cameras

Registering your cameras DOES NOT allow the Orange County Sheriff's Office access to your live video stream. Instead, it:

  • Enables investigators to know there is a camera at your location and easily request video evidence should an incident occur

  • Registers your cameras on a map accessible only to the Orange County Sheriff's Office

  • Increases the efficiency of direct video evidence collection

  • Provides contact information for camera owners to investigators

  • Enables us to work together to create a safer Orange County

LEVEL 2: Integrate Your Cameras

  • Camera sharing allows the Orange County Sheriff's Office access to your camera feed in case of an emergency near your location

  • You set your preferences

  • All you need is a small device that plugs into your camera system, which you can voluntarily purchase from FUSUS. Once it's set up, it enables camera sharing based on your settings without impacting your network

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